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2021: Moving Rocks and Planning Three Steps Ahead

Pace’s business coach, Paula Graham from Edge Business Planning, works with us on quarterly goal setting and thinking about what “rocks” need to be moved to reach our goals. As I was coming down the mountain on a recent hike at Old Rag, I found myself doing the same thing. The top part of the trail has rocky switchbacks that require planning 3 steps ahead. After years of running in 10Ks, skiing, and participating in other sports, I knew that the right knee needs a solid base to avoid injury. I had to actively plan each step I took and, in some cases, had to literally move rocks to pave a clearer path. The reflection on my hike had me thinking about 2020 and 2021. The past year was one filled with many interruptions and breath holding. The rocks (boulders?!) we’ve all had to move to clear our path again and again to meet our goals was unbelievable. Yet, manufacturing kept moving and several sectors even saw increased demand during the pandemic. Our team has had to find creative ways to communicate and support companies with equipment to allow them to keep producing. Just recently, we had a client who needed an out of the box solution for a filling station. The hoppers were not integrated into the filling station and were full of product. We offered to loan our Volkmann unit to the client to charge the hoppers, calibrate the scales, and ensure all the mechanical components were working. The client appreciated our creative thinking! Planning ahead and maintaining adaptability were keys in 2020 that our team is carrying over into 2021. We try to plan 3 steps ahead, even in turbulence, find the “rocks” that prevent our clients from reaching their goals, and provide custom solutions to meet your needs. In our 2021 planning, we’re thinking about what we can do not only for our company, but also to help our clients. What products or services would best help our clients who’ve had to adapt their own businesses? How do we focus ourselves and our clients during a time of political unrest and Covid weariness? A recent Instagram post by a dear friend stopped me: “Make decisions based on where you want to be, not where you currently are.” As we navigate the “today”, we are planning ahead for the future. As we do so, we remain true to our values, especially by being available and responsive, either in-person or virtually. We are just a phone call away to help you navigate the “rocks” that may be preventing you from meeting your bulk handling goals. Nik Harkness 804-229-2138 or Doris Harkness 804-334-5733

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