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At Pace Company of Virginia, we match our offerings to the needs of our customers. That means we sit down and listen to those needs before we recommend anything—and we work to understand your application. We have a wide portfolio of products we can offer to determine the solution based on your product, operation layout, goals and existing equipment. After 30 years of successful client solutions, we have experience in virtually every industry. This includes food, metals, plastics, power, chemical, rubber, mining, building products, agricultural products/feed and more. We help engineer and design systems that will help your business thrive.

Once we understand your needs, we provide solutions with distinct advantages:

  • Differentiated products from innovative manufacturers

  • Versatile customization options

  • Measurable improvements in cost, quality, flexibility, and/or performance

  • Efficient assessments of the best path for goal achievement

  • Local partners to assist in implementation



Doris and Harry Harkness moved to Richmond in 1986 to start Pace company. With a background in industrial marketing, Doris started in the rep business in 1993. After the sudden passing of her husband Harry, she took over the helm of Pace in January 1996. As a relationship builder, she most enjoys helping customers improve productivity. Her longevity in the business has allowed her to establish relationships with partners that meet the three PACE tenants; responsive, reputable, and resourceful. During her time covering the Commonwealth of Virginia, she most enjoys learning how products are made and maintaining customer relationships. Whether it's railcar loading, bulk bag filling, or any conveying process in between, Doris has all the necessary experience. 


Nik is one of many second generation members in the manufacturer’s representative industry who decided to follow in their parent’s footsteps and become an entrepreneur. From inside sales to turn-key dust collection system design, Nik enjoys traveling to manufacturing facilities to perform take-offs and gather dimensional information that allows him to generate

3-D modeling of ductwork systems and NFPA compliant fire suppression devices. He has found valuable contractors and partners to execute installations and ensure a successful project. He brings a new perspective to a mature industry and is quick to respond to customer requests. He handles all parts sales and takes pride in supporting customers with ongoing process and maintenance efforts. If you can’t find it, he can!

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